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Meet the Owners
Kevin & Madoc.jpg

Kevin Sonnichsen

Head Bean-Counter (aka, President)


Kevin is a lifelong dog lover – having been raised alongside Miniature Schnauzers and Bouviers. He spent is teen years working at an animal rescue and as an adult he was excited to become "dad" to a French Bulldog named Madoc and that excitement doubled when another French Bulldog, Lila, joined the family. It was the search for a suitable dog daycare for Madoc that sparked the interest in owning one someday. Kevin works in software design by day and visits Good Dog multiple times a week for after work "dog therapy".

Jeffrey & Madoc.jpg

Jeffrey Henderson

Head Dog Petter (aka, Chief Operations Officer)

Jeffrey Henderson has spent the bulk of his career in advertising and public relations with a focus on client services, project management, and organization. He is excited to put his background in these areas to practical use in a dog daycare. His French Bulldog, Madoc, was named for the town in Montana where his father was born and raised (his previous dog, a rescue mutt, was named for his hometown in Montana: Scobey) and the new addition to the family, Lila, is named after Jeff's Mom (he ditched the hometown naming convention because Mom's from Flaxville!). He’s the hands-on owner at the daycare.

Jeff, Kevin, Madoc, & Lila 10-2020.jpg

The Family


Jeffrey and Kevin with their French Bulldogs, Madoc (on the right who passed away in July 2021 shortly after celebrating her 11th birthday), and Lila (on the left who is doing a good job filling some pretty big shoes!). Anyone who knows Frenchies knows that they have the run of the house (and at times, the business!). 

There are Even More Dogs

In addition to Madoc and Lila spending time at Good Dog, there have been many staff dogs over the years as well. Here are a few of our dog people's dogs!


Daisy Dukes




Little Lucy








As Well As More Humans

While Kevin and Jeffrey may have made Good Dog happen, they are backed by a staff of some amazing humans who oversee the day to day operations of the facility and make Good Dog run smoothly. They're the ones taking such great care of your good dogs, and they're led by our trusty, kind manager, Tim.

Tim Chuscavage.jpeg



In addition to Tim, you'll encounter a number of others including our Shift Leads Tania and Laine, and Associates of Dogs Arelit, Sherina, Patrick, Izzy, Joshua, Shana, Leah, Monica, Megan, Sonia, Ayana, Nathan, Teri, Devante, and Denise. They're always busy taking care of dogs so their photo shoots will have to wait! We were able to get some of them in to see Santa for our 2022 visit, though: Arelit, Laine, and Izzy in one shot, and Devante and Denise individually with Santa:

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