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Ready to bring your dog to Good Dog?

So you want to bring your good dog to Good Dog. We're excited about that! There are a few steps we have to take before we can admit your dog, as follows:

  • Your dog must be altered (spayed or neutered).

  • Your dog must be up to date on their vaccines. We require three: Rabies, Distemper (DHPP/DHLPP), and Bordetella.

  • Your dog should be at least six months old (by this age, dogs have usually been altered and have all the required vaccinations).  

  • Your dog MUST be 40 pounds or less.


If your dog meets all four requirements, we can move forward. 

We need to schedule a Temperament Test, aka, Temp Test. These are scheduled weekdays between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and they generally last about 15-20 minutes. We can also arrange a Saturday temp test if that works better, however, they are limited due to fewer dogs and staff being on hand over the weekend. We are unable to conduct temp tests on Sundays.

During the test we take your dog to our boarding room called Slumberville where we introduce them to two or three other dogs that we think may be a good fit, good temperament, similar size, etc., to make sure they are okay meeting and interacting with our current dogs. During the Temp Test, we have you wait in the lobby.

Braxton & Panda met in a Temp Test and have been best buddies since!

While you're in for the Temp Test, you'll be asked to download and create an account on the Paw Partner app - we use this platform to schedule reservations at Good Dog - you can also do this now if you'd like. 

If the Temp Test goes well we will bring your good dog back for some further monitoring and play on a separate day. Known as our Free Trial Day or FTD, there’s no charge, just make an appointment and drop off your dog and we’ll let them play off-leash for two to four hours to see how they act without you around and with our staff and other dogs. We keep it to a maximum of four hours so as not to overwhelm or over-stimulate your dog on their first day with the pack.



Once they pass our Temp Test and Free Trial Day, you are more than welcome to start bringing them in for daycare and after some daycare, boarding, too!

PLEASE NOTE: in order to board at Good Dog, your dog must come in for daycare several times prior to their boarding to ensure they're fully comfortable with our facility. Because of this, we're not able to accommodate last-minute boarding bookings for new dogs.


Scheduling your dog's Temp Test is easy. Click on the button below to submit a Temp Test Reservation Request via email and please be sure to include the following information about your dog:

  • Name

  • Breed

  • Age

  • Alteration status (spayed or neutered)

  • Weight

  • Vaccination records (please be sure to attach your dog's vaccination records to the email or have your vet email them to us directly)

  • Suggest a couple of days/times that you'd like to come in and we'll try to accommodate

As you'll see, when you set up your Paw Partner account, it will require that your dog's vaccinations be up to date - you can add them to your profile or we'll be happy to do it for you. In addition to the vaccinations, you'll be prompted to accept our terms and conditions through the app and we encourage you to review our Policies and Procedures.

Please note that we require reservations for both daycare and boarding and you'll be able to request reservations directly through the Paw Partner app.   


We look forward to meeting you and your good dog at Good Dog!

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