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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks already in 2021 - and we’re just talking about Good Dog!

As 2020 came to a close, we were facing an extremely difficult decision. It was looking as though we would have no choice but to close Good Dog for good as we couldn’t sustain subsidizing the business any longer. We sent an email to our customers linking to a blog post explaining where we were as a business and what it meant. The bottom line was that we needed an immediate response and influx of dogs in attendance at daycare or we wouldn’t be around much longer.

Our leash bin at capacity on a record-setting day!

The response? Simply fantastic. The Monday after the email went out we had a record number of dogs in for daycare with 64 dogs and a couple of days later, we broke that record with 65. Since then we’ve been seeing days with 40+ and 50+ dogs. This makes our business sustainable.

As far as the additional debt we’ve accrued because of COVID, we can figure that out. We just need to keep seeing dogs in the building and we can survive.

Yes, we believe it’s a “Stay of Execution” and we’re thrilled to be able to keep going. As we noted in a follow-up email to our customers, we’re not out of the woods yet, but it’s definitely looking up!

Thank you to everyone who has been coming in with their dogs and if we haven’t seen you in a while or haven’t met you yet, bring your good dogs into Good Dog - we’ll take good care of them and they’ll have fun!


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