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Every year we book up for the holiday season with boarding reservations. This means that as a result, we have to turn people away who don’t book early. This becomes complicated when we receive late cancellations because we’re not able to offer the booking to another customer who is interested in boarding but had been turned down because our reservations put us at capacity. Often by the time a cancellation comes through they’ve made other arrangements. That’s why we’ve made a change and now require a deposit for every holiday boarding reservation.

Digby is quick to lay claim to his favorite spot on the bed when he boards with us.

While we certainly don’t want to inconvenience anyone, we have to ensure we can guarantee boarding spots to customers who will use them. In turn, we also have to ensure that we have appropriate staffing for boarding. When we have cancellations, we still have to pay the staff, so having the non-refundable deposits in place will cover their salaries as well.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit your reservation request via Paw Partner.

  2. We approve your request.

  3. If any part of your booking falls within the date range of the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year), you’ll receive an invoice via email to pay your deposit fee for one night’s boarding.

If you maintain the booking and your dog stays with us, the deposit will be applied to your total charges. If you cancel, however, the one-night deposit will only be refunded based on the following schedule:

Cancellation by

  • 2 weeks prior to the booking: 100% refund

  • 1 week prior to the booking: 50% refund

  • 6 days or less: No refund

This will apply to all bookings unless you have a boarding package. In the event that you have a boarding package - that package will serve as your deposit and the following cancellation schedule will apply:

Cancellation by

  • 2 weeks prior: No charge

  • 1 week prior: No charge

  • 6 days or less: One boarding credit will be applied as a non-refundable deposit fee

As always, we encourage you to book your holiday reservations right away to make certain that we have a spot for your good dog. Visit Paw Partner to submit your reservation request.


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