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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

While it might not go down as the most fun or successful summer in recorded history, it was, nonetheless, summer. We want to mark the end of this weird summer and celebrate the fact that we made it through it. We’re doing so with a super fun dog party for your good dogs!

It’s Bubbles and Splash!

We’ll have a kiddie pool on hand for the splashing and bacon-flavored and cheese-flavored bubbles for the dogs to chase - not to worry, the bubbles are human-grade, non-toxic, and safe to consume. While we don’t think they’re tasty, the dogs will love them.

All you need to do to attend is book a daycare reservation for Saturday, September 5 via the Paw Partner app (or let us know you’d like to attend and we’ll make the reservation for you). The party will run from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. We will have limited space available so we suggest if you’re interested, book right away! There’s no extra fee, just the regular daycare charge. Please note, dogs must be pre-qualified to attend, or be current customers of Good Dog.

How will it work?

We plan to keep it quite simple. We’ll split Big Country into two sections, the party side where we’ll have Bubbles and Splash with our regular playspace on the other side of the room. We’ll bring dogs into the party two to four at a time and let them frolic and have fun and splash and chase bubbles - the length of time will be dependent on the number of dogs we have, but we’ll make sure everyone who wants to gets a chance to participate.

Help us celebrate with Bubbles and Splash - book your reservation today!


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