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We’ve all been there, overindulging during the holiday season. Big meals, snacks, sweets, it catches up to us. Our dogs are no different. In addition to over-indulging, the onset of the post-holiday blues is real. Having spent time with friends and family and then all of the sudden, it’s over and everyone is back to their normal routine.

Photo by Gursher Gill from Pexels

As we’ve all seen, people tend to recommit themselves to exercise including the gym in January. Regular gym-goers tend to hate Januarys for that reason because of the influx of people who haven’t been in for quite some time and crowd the gyms. It may be attributed to the “new year, new me” ideal, but it could also be people’s need to occupy their time. It’s tough to go from the busy holiday season to the regular routine that is much more manageable. Either way, our dogs feel it too.

We’d encourage you to go ahead and focus on taking care of yourself and striving for that “new year, new me” mentality, but don’t forget about your dog. That’s where daycare and even boarding come in.

Your dog can come into daycare and play with their friends, get some exercise, and have some fun. They’ll be able to work off their holiday weight and stave off the post-holiday blues by spending time having fun with their pals - canine and human.

January and February (especially living in an area with spotty weather) are a great time to get away which means it’s a great time to book a boarding visit for your dog.

Photo by Amit Talwar from Pexels

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a date night, boarding is a great option. The best part is that this is our slower season at Good Dog so - in most cases - reservations (while still a requirement) are pretty easy to come by.

So take care of yourself and your dog in the new year. Get out there and get some exercise, do some socializing, and let 2022 be a great year!


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