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As cute an idea as it may be, the reality is that dogs aren’t meant to wear bikinis. As you’re preparing to leave town for spring break, please keep this in mind. Rather than subject your dog to awkward swimwear, leave them with us for your spring break trip.

Milo, Edison, and Gala at Good Dog in Seattle
Milo, Edison, and Gala will attest that spring break is better with friends!

While you’re enjoying the time away, your dog will get to socialize and play with other dogs, snuggle with our staff, and generally have as good a time as you will be on your trip.

We recommend a reservation for any boarding stay - you don’t want your plans to have to change if we’re booked up. It’s simple really, email us with your information and the dates of your trip. Then, when you drop off your dog for their spring break, bring their food with instructions and any other necessary items (such as meds, treats, etc.) or they’re welcome to partake in our house food (we do recommend that you bring their own food as it can help alleviate stomach issues that can arise from a change in diet).

Then, go enjoy yourself and we’ll take great care of your good dog!


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