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As silly as it may seem, our dogs love to live by a routine. Of course, there are some variations to the routine that are acceptable, but have you forgotten that afternoon treat or did you skip that little chunk of lunch meat that is supposed to be on top of their dinner? If so, you completely understand. These creatures have a sense of time that is unmatched. Have you wondered how they know at what time you’ll be home from work? Did you notice when you pick your dog up from Good Dog, all the dogs seem to know that it’s time to go home? They just know. They like their lives to be structured and they like their routines.

Prior to opening our Delridge Way location, I used to work primarily from home. During this time, I made sure that I took Madoc into Good Dog on a regular basis - when I would skip a day or rearrange the week, she’d let me know that she didn’t approve. Even before we made the move to Seattle from San Francisco, there was a period when both Kevin and I were working from home and there was also a period where we’d both been laid off. Even through all that, we still took Madoc to daycare on a regular schedule. For us, it helped Madoc maintain her routine and it meant she was a much better-behaved dog at home. She was still bossy, but it was more tolerable.

Most of our good dogs have a fairly regular routine and their attendance is predictable. We appreciate this because it helps the pack bond and for dog relationships to form - if you follow us on social media, you know we love it when we see these friendships happening before our eyes.

We encourage you to try to maintain a regular schedule for your dog. They will have a better experience with Good Dog and they will be better companions for their humans.


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