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Puppy Madoc was a challenge when it came to finding the right food and treat combination, but once we did, she was easy.

When we entered the world of Frenchie ownership and parenthood, to say it was an olfactory adventure would be a gross understatement - emphasis on gross. But, with much patience and many trials and tribulations, we landed on food and treat combinations that worked for our dog Madoc that kept her happy, healthy, and with manageable odor emissions. From that point forward we really had it pretty easy and over time she could really eat almost anything - though she was a bit of a picky eater, primarily with treats.

Years later, when Lila came along it turns out, we weren’t as fortunate, her stomach isn’t as tough as Madoc’s was. Poor Lila, as we’ve learned, is allergic to beef. We learned this after she spent a long weekend at Good Dog and ate the house food - beef stew. At home, we’d been rotating between that same beef stew and a chicken stew as we did with Madoc for years. Once we eliminated the beef from Lila’s diet, the problem was solved, and everything was back to normal. That is until she started having peanut butter Kongs at Good Dog. Her diarrhea came back and we were able - with some process of elimination - to determine the cause. Lila is also allergic to peanut butter. But her issue has turned into a positive at the daycare because we now have a cheese option for our Kong Add-ons!

Lila is anything but a picky eater, so her food allergies are even more disappointing!

We have stocked up on the Kong-brand Bacon & Cheese-flavored Kong paste and the dogs love it - not just Lila! We have a few dogs that come in with snacks added to their reservations and sometimes they’re just not interested, but the cheese has been a big hit for them. So, if you’ve got a pup with some food issues or one that’s a finicky snacker, think about adding a cheese Kong snack to your next reservation!

Our Snack Add-Ons

  • Cheese & Bacon-Flavored Kong

  • Peanut Butter Kong

  • Cannoli from Puddles Barkery

  • Pupcake from Puddles Barkery

  • Scoop! Frozen Treat

  • Snooze Snack - Cheese & Bacon-Flavored

  • Snooze Snack - Peanut Butter

Our Non-Snack Add-Ons

  • Ball Play Session

  • Potty Walk

  • Baths


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