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In the past, we published a dog’s eye video tour of Good Dog, but since we’re constantly changing, updating, and working to improve our space, we thought it was a great time to provide an updated tour of the facility - this time for the humans. There’s no video this time, but we’re providing some visuals in the form of photos. We welcome you to get to know Good Dog.


If you’ve visited us, you’re familiar with our entry. We try to keep that front door looking fresh, but there will always be scratches from excited dogs - it’s just part of owning a dog daycare! We like a fun doormat, too. Though sometimes they disappear in the night.

Our front door featuring a fun door mat that someone else decided they needed more than we did!

When you arrive, you’ll likely find that our door is locked. This means our staff is taking care of the dogs - just ring the doorbell and they’ll come to let you in as soon as possible.

Once you step inside, you’re greeted by our friendly staff and the front desk. In our lobby, you’ll also find lots of dog photos, a semi-comfortable bench (in the event you need to wait or just need to take a little break), and information posted about the room.

An overview of our lobby.

From the lobby, you can also peek into Calmburgh - though the name says it all and you’re not likely to witness much activity there.

An overview of Calmburgh looking toward the break room and offices.
An overview of Calmburgh looking toward the lobby.

You can also look down the hall that leads to the warehouse which contains Slumberville - where most of our boarding takes place, Lila’s Diner - where we feed the dogs, Scobey - our less active playroom, and Madoc - our high activity room.

A peek into Slumberville - our boarding room. There's a Murphy bed behind the blue doors.
Boarding dogs get cozy for the night on the bed in Slumberville.
The entrance to both Scobey and Madoc - the playrooms where all the fun happens!
An overview shot above Madoc that shows the location of the lobby as well as Slumberville, Lila's Diner, and the adjoining Scobey playroom.
Feeding kennels in Lila's Diner - the orange flags means that they've been disinfected and are ready for use.
Our adorable sink in Lila's Diner.
An overview of Lila's Diner from above the sink side. You can also see our lease bins and labels that feature photos of each dog so we can make sure everyone goes home with the correct leash.

The facility loops back around to another entrance into Calmburgh. The area around Calmburgh also contains our Isolation Room, dog spa, laundry, break room, and offices.

Looking into Calmburgh from Lila's Diner.
The spa in action just outside of Calmburgh.

And from there, if you’re standing in the Calmburgh area, you’ll find yourself looking back into the Lobby - and that’s our facility!



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