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While there’s a level of knowledge that we gain when we spend time with your dogs, it’s important to keep us in the loop and tell us things that could affect them, their behavior, and how well they work with the pack. Sometimes the little things we learn about your dog will end up being very important details. The more we know, the better we can take care of your dog.

We can always take better care of your dogs when we know about them and any quirks they may have. Cabo, Jojo, Xander, and Echo will agree.

Sometimes details come easy. Things like food or treat allergies or restrictions are generally quickly conveyed to us. But other details that may seem inconsequential or insignificant to you, could really prove to be helpful when we see things happen that could be behavior issues.

Maybe your dog becomes aggressive if someone tries to grab their collar. Collar aggression is understandable and easily avoidable, we can move them with a slip lead, avoid grabbing their collar when putting them in their harness, and work with them on commands that would aid us in not having to grab their collar.

Sometimes you need a quiet place to snooze, like Sammy here.

It could be that they don’t like to be disturbed when they’re taking a nap. A snoozer who likes to be left alone can be moved to a chill room where they can catch some zzzs and not be disturbed. No problem!

Perhaps they get spooked when someone comes up behind them. That’s okay, if we know, we can make sure that the creepers are blocked.

Do they start nipping when they meet several strange dogs at once? Overwhelmed meeting a bunch of dogs at once is manageable because we can introduce them to the pack in small groups and work on building up their comfort level. This could be as simple as adjusting their arrival time.

These are all things we need to know about when they come to Good Dog. Knowledge of these issues helps us determine how we handle them and how we can help them be most successful at daycare. While we’re not dog trainers and don’t purport to be so, when we have the knowledge that can help us help your dog, we’re happy to try what we can. We want your dog to come in, make some friends, have some fun, likely take some naps, and have an overall good experience with Good Dog. We just need you to help us know your dog.

But what if we’re not able to handle the dog’s issues? That’s okay, too. If that happens we have some great resources to which we can refer you to work on your dog’s issues and once you see measurable results, we can try to bring them into the Good Dog pack again.


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