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With the holidays upon us and our schedules filling up for the next three months with lots of commitments including parties and other gatherings, our schedules are filling up, but don’t forget to take the time to address the needs of your furry little friends.

Edith doesn't love brunch.
Edith would've had more fun at Good Dog instead of staying home for this dinner party.

Parties can be stressful for some dogs - especially if you’re hosting at your home. With a group of people invading your dog’s space, their stress levels may increase. This increased stress level can manifest itself in bad behavior including aggression, destructive acts, or even potty accidents inside. This will put a strain on your party that doesn’t need to be there.

Ensure that your dogs don’t have to deal with increased stress and you won’t either by boarding your dog at Good Dog. You can remove them from a potentially stressful situation, enjoy your party, and they can enjoy a party of their own with their friends.


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