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The wildfires that have devastated Maui have affected so many people. Hawaii and Maui hold a special place in our hearts as so many of us have visited and fallen in love with the islands and their people. We can all help those suffering because of these fires. Please visit one of the locations listed below that we learned of from our friends at Seattle Met and lend a helping hand if you’re able.

We have two dogs at Good Dog named Maui, of course we had to include them for attention!

Maui Strong Community Fund

The Hawai’i Community Foundation created the Maui Strong fund to deploy donations rapidly on the ground for response and recovery. It says that 100 percent of funds will go to community needs.

Maui United Way Relief Fund

The Aloha United Way will deploy the relief fund in the form of direct aid to families impacted by the wildfires, and through grants to nonprofits leading relief efforts.

Maui Food Bank

The Maui Food Bank can offer four meals for families in need with each $1 donated. Its website also offers the ability for local organizations outside of Maui to create “virtual food drives” to support disaster victims.

Maui Humane Society

The Maui Humane Society is seeking donations to help find and shelter pets lost in the wildfires—then help reunite them with their owners. They estimate approximately 3,000 displaced animals on the island.

We’ll keep the people of Maui in our thoughts as they work through this terribly difficult time. We’ll visit Maui again someday but in the meantime, let’s all offer some help for our island neighbors.



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