• Jeffrey Henderson


Erin absolutely loves dogs - all shapes, sizes, breeds - she loves them all and it shows when she’s taking care of the good dogs that come to Good Dog. This was the number one reason she wanted to work here. The number two reason was because of the flexible schedule - it helps that we have staff on-hand 24/7!

A native of Murietta, California, Erin is another of our staff without dogs of their own (making Good Dog a great place for a dogless dog-lover to get their dog fix!) but she does have two cats - Henry and Farah - and a snake named Chidi! When asked about her favorite dog at Good Dog, she balked and stated that’s a “trick question! They are all my favorite.” True to form for this lover of dogs.

You’ll never find jewelry on Erin and there’s a good reason - she’s allergic to nearly all metals. The exception? Platinum. When she does opt for jewelry, it has to be platinum to avoid rashes and infections. That’s a tough one - especially for the budgets of those giving her jewelry. It’s safer to avoid a lot of jewelry when working with dogs anyhow. You’ll find Erin at Good Dog most weekends doing a great job taking care of all our good dogs.

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