• Jeffrey Henderson


Meet Gina! She is the second half of our overnight duo.

Gina grew up in a small farm town in Oregon called Scio, about 45 minutes south of Portland. A lifelong dog lover, her favorite growing up was a brilliant black and white border collie Sascha. Sascha could run off and find things that had fallen out of Gina’s pocket at the park an hour later if she retraced her steps - it was quite impressive. In addition to being so smart, Sascha loved to run, fetch, and perform tricks - she really made an impact on Gina’s life and influenced her love of dogs greatly. Gina recalled a time when she was gone for a week and her roommate looked after Sascha. The smart girl snuck into Gina’s room and tore up the books on her bookshelf. This was an isolated incident as Sascha had never damaged anything before that trip and never damaged anything after either. Knowing, however, that Gina is a big bookworm, Sascha knew exactly how to get her where it hurt when she was mad. Gina was so impressed with her intelligence figuring that out, that she couldn't even get angry about it!

Gina notes that working the overnights gives her the opportunity for dog snuggles which she thinks are “absolutely the best part about overnights!” She went onto say that we’re lucky because “we get so many sweet, cuddly dogs in!” She’s right and we think those cuddly dogs are just as lucky to have Gina.

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