• Jeffrey Henderson


Michelle recently stepped in as our Manager and has really hit the ground running. She’s a former teacher who has always loved dogs and has worked with them on the side for years. Her love of dogs pushed her to want to make it part of her daily work life and she’s enjoying it immensely.

Originally from York, Maine, she may be our one staff member who is the furthest from home. While she absolutely loves dogs, she doesn’t have one of her own (yet). She does, however, have a five-year-old rabbit named Opie. Watching a new staff member form bonds with our dogs is always lovely to see and Michelle is great with all of the dogs. When pressed, though, she said Arlo stands out as one of her favorites.

We always ask the staff to share something unique about themselves and Michelle admitted she struggled with this question - though most of us do. As we’ve already mentioned, she’s a former teacher, and that was one appealing idea when considering her for the management position - she worked as an elementary school teacher for five years. She also noted that between her freshman and sophomore years of college, she lost 80 pounds - that’s a great accomplishment!

She’s driven, calm, and logical which are great characteristics for our manager. She’s also very organized and is so great with all the dogs which makes us thrilled to have her as part of our team at Good Dog.

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