• Jeffrey Henderson


Monique was inspired to apply for a position at Good Dog because she was looking for a new experience. She’d already worked in several different environments but since she loves animals, she was excited to have the opportunity to work with them.

Originally from Seattle - in fact, born at the UW hospital - Monique doesn’t have a dog of her own, but she has a sweet Siamese cat named Blue. She was hard-pressed to name a favorite dog at Good Dog (you should see her form, there are lots of scribbles under that question!) but said right now her favorites include Bear, Gigi, Braxton, and Apollo but she reserves the right to add to that list constantly!

A few fun facts about Monique include the fact that she has what she calls “spider-sense” - while it sounds a bit weird and funny, it’s true, she can sense when a spider is near! Another is her face recognition ability (we wonder if the masks we’re all wearing now complicate that), and finally, she loves learning new things, in particular, learning about things before our time - she finds it fascinating. We’re thrilled to have her as part of the Good Dog team, this hard-working animal lover has already proven to be quite an asset.

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