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We always assumed that the day would come when we’d hire a receptionist to sit at the front desk to welcome everyone that dropped into Good Dog and that the doorbell would be a temporary means to an end. Though, as we’ve become more familiar with who drops in and stops by at Good Dog, it’s become more evident that leaving that front door open isn’t going to be an option. We won’t detail some of the encounters our staff has had with people walking into the lobby when they’ve found the door unlocked, but they’ve definitely led us to know that keeping that door locked is a smart decision.

When Darwin and Roo hear the doorbell...

Aside from security, it’s also become more evident that having a person sitting at the front desk all day doesn’t make a lot of sense when they could be put to much better use helping out around the facility with the dogs. Having you ring the doorbell when you arrive to drop off or pick up your dog isn’t the experience we had wanted for our customers, but we'll make every effort to ensure a good experience and not keep you waiting.

Please know that we try to be quick to respond to that tune our doorbell plays throughout the building when you hit that button out front. Also know that the dogs know that tune pretty well, too!


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