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Security is no joke at Good Dog and there’s a reason we have as many doors and gates as we do - though we’re constantly identifying additional spots where another might be helpful.

Have you ever been in the lobby and looked over at one of the interior doors and saw a dog peering back at you through the window? Well, that’s not supposed to happen but because some of our pups can be a little rascally, we have points throughout the facility to stop them. But, these measures only work when used. Our staff is quite well-trained in keeping all doors and gates closed to keep all the dogs safe, but it’s only effective when everyone who comes into the building helps out.

To that end, we ask that when you come into the lobby for drop-off or pick-up, please keep the door to the outside closed. Here’s why: should a dog come loose from its collar or harness they run the risk of escaping and endangering themselves. It doesn’t seem too likely, but it has happened. It’s why we installed a door-closer on the front door – but that is only effective if the door isn’t held open. If you’re not comfortable being in the lobby, we’re happy to accommodate you while you wait outside.

Please help us keep all the dogs safe by keeping the doors closed. We’ll continue to ensure our facility is a safe place that is constantly disinfected and we’ll keep following all the guidelines to keep all the humans safe, too!


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