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Dog treats aren’t just for spoiling, they are an effective tool for reinforcement training and a delicious way to build a bond with your pup. And when you would like to spoil your canine pal with a tasty treat, you can't go wrong with soft treats made from fresh ingredients.


According to my pup Kora, they are delicious. Other things to note about soft treats are their high-moisture content and cooking process.

Soft treats at Puddles Barkery are made by mixing whole ingredients, rolling out and cutting the dough, and baking the treats—kind of like making cookies in your kitchen. By avoiding high-pressure cooking, dehydration, and freeze-drying processes, your pup gets more nutrients and moisture in every bite.

The moisture in our treats comes from healthy ingredients, like collagen-rich chicken broth and unsweetened applesauce. All our dog treats are made with as many local and organic ingredients as possible but always check with your vet before introducing new treats to your pet’s diet.


Soft, crunchy, dehydrated, and freeze-dried treats can all be healthy and enjoyable snacks for your pup. Choosing the right treat for your canine companion comes down to their unique preferences and needs. Here are a few benefits of soft treats for pups.

Easy to portion. Even if your dog does not agree, he might not need to eat an entire treat in one sitting (or bite!). Or maybe you would like to break up the treat into small bites for a training session. With soft treats, portioning a treat into the right serving size is easy.

High in moisture. Since soft treats are made with fresh ingredients and cooked gently, they contain more water than crunchy, dehydrated, or freeze-dried treats. This makes them a great trail snack or an everyday snack for pups who are prone to constipation or dehydration. But remember, high-moisture treats cannot replace fresh, clean water. So, always offer your dog a cool bowl of fresh water to lap up, too.

Easy to chew. Senior pups or dogs with dental issues can benefit from the soft texture of treats. Plus, when broken into smaller servings, small dogs and puppies can comfortably chomp on a portion more their size.

Easy to digest. If your dog is prone to tummy troubles or food allergies, limited-ingredient soft dog treats could be the treat for them. With a small list of simple ingredients, soft dog treats are also easier to digest.

Droll-worthy scents. With wholesome, baked ingredients, soft dog treats just smell better than high-processed choices. While most dogs are known to be super sniffers, pups with upper respiratory infections, congestion, or just about any dog are sure to appreciate the extra-enticing smells.


We think so, and we hope you and your pup agree. After all, every treat is taste-tested by Kora, a red Siberian husky with critical tastebuds. At Puddles Barkery, we focus on using quality ingredients that benefit pups of all sizes, ages, and breeds. Sure, that means a shorter shelf life than other commercial dog biscuits. But it also means no mystery ingredients or unhealthy fillers—just everyday quality ingredients you might recognize in your pantry.

Want to extend the one-week shelf life of your pup’s favorite treat? Keep them cool in the refrigerator. Or store soft treats in the freezer for up to three-six months, depending on the treat.

See how Puddles Barkery treats are made!


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