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We recently sent an email to all of our customers asking for their help. Not monetary help, rather, help with content. The majority of our social media content is preprogrammed and while our Facebook fodder is always plentiful (we have fun and silly and sweet things programmed into July) our Instagram feed was running dry. Since we use photos and videos on Instagram that are original (meaning that we take the photos and shoot the videos ourselves) we were set to run out of content by April 26. We made a plea to our customers to share with us what their dogs have been doing and to include a photo. We thought we’d get a few in return, but the response was not only great, it was also impressive! We now have another three-plus weeks of content programmed on Instagram (after photos post to Instagram, they get pushed to Facebook as well) thanks to our customers. It’s been so much fun seeing what our good dogs are doing outside of Good Dog, we might have to make this a regular thing in the future. Thank you to all our great customers for sharing with us. Here’s a sampling of the photos that you’ll be seeing on Instagram and Facebook in the coming weeks…


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