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At Good Dog, we answer to the King County Health Department. They work to ensure - as part of the permitting process - that our facility adheres to their strict guidelines. These guidelines include standards for cleanliness, methods used in cleaning, maintenance of surfaces including our fences, walls, floors, etc. One of their requirements is their person to dog ratio. This is why reservations are extremely important to us.

While we don't require reservations for daycare, we love when we have a heads up on when your dog will be dropping by for daycare - this gives us the opportunity to have the correct amount of staff on hand. Reservations for boarding, however, are more than helpful - they're nearly essential. SHAMELESS PLUG: MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY BOARDING RESERVATIONS ASAP!

The minimum dog to person ratio is 20 to one, but the preferred ratio and the one to which we strive to achieve is 15 to one. During the day, the ratio is easy, we always have plenty of staff on hand including management. Overnight, though, we need to make certain we have enough staff to manage and care for the boarding dogs.

So, we encourage you to always plan ahead and make a reservation for boarding - it's simple, just shoot us an email or give us a call. We can almost always accommodate, we just need to ensure we have enough staff on hand. REPEAT OF SHAMELESS PLUG: MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY BOARDING RESERVATIONS ASAP!


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