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Since reopening in June and even before we reopened (due to our COVID closure), we started telling clients old and new that we are switching to a reservation-based software. We made the switch and with the exception of a learning curve and a few minor glitches, the move has been successful.

Dogs Quimby and Lyra are looking over the fence at daycare for their friends.
Quimby & Lyra are waiting for more friends to join them!

It’s been great looking at each day and anticipating which dogs we get to see, prepare for them, and make our schedules accordingly - ensuring we have proper coverage to properly care for the dogs. This is what convinced us to make the move - allowing for better control of scheduling and affording our employees the benefit of knowing what their schedules were going to look like based on the volume of reservations.

That said, our numbers are still fledgling. We understand that COVID has had a major impact on our daily lives and how we function with that new day-to-day, but we want to make sure that our clients understand that we DO still have room for drop-ins. Our purpose in promoting our reservation system is to get everyone used to it so that when the day comes (fingers crossed) that we’re operating at capacity, we don’t have to turn anyone away for not having a reservation.

So, while we encourage you to always make a reservation (as far in advance as possible is most helpful to us - though, we can run with last-minute reservations, too!), but if you make a last-minute decision to bring your dog to daycare, don’t worry - WE HAVE THE ROOM FOR THEM!

If you’re not a tech-oriented person, that’s no problem either. Just let us know which days you plan to come in (including approximate drop-off and pick-up times) and we’ll make the reservations for you - let us know in person, via email, or on the phone - we’re happy to accommodate!

One bonus that we’re definitely enjoying is that our staff has been posting photos of your dogs on Paw Partner and you get a notification when your dog is posted. We hope you’re enjoying this as well. Many of these photos also make it into our social media streams as well.


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