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We were recently approached by a company that wanted us to recommend them to you, our customers. Their concept is simple, vets that make house calls. They are The Vets.

In order to make a clear assessment of the quality of their services, we decided we should experience their services for ourselves. Since Lila’s Bordetella vaccination was due – and we’re always on board for an exam just to make sure that our girl is doing well – we booked a home visit.

The process was quite simple, you visit their website and walk through the steps to book an appointment. There were plenty of days and times available so we were able to book when it was convenient for us. As with any veterinary practice, we had to fill out some paperwork - all online, though, so it was very easy. We received a couple of text messages and emails confirming our appointment. Then, the day before, we had a call to go over what to expect, our needs, and to find out if we had any questions. The service was great.

Lila gets a vaccine update at home from The Vets.

Lila is a dog who gets very nervous going to the vet – unlike her sister Madoc. When Madoc was still with us, she loved to go to the vet. We never really understood why, but she would drag us into the vet’s office like most dogs drag their humans into Good Dog (Madoc did that, too). Lila, though, is terrified of the vet. So much so, that whenever a procedure is going to take place, we have to give her a Trazadone to keep her calm (most useful when it’s time to trim her nails). Because of her fear of the veterinary office, a home visit for Lila seemed like a great idea.

Turns out, it was. She was relaxed, comfortable, and didn’t exhibit the fearful trembles we’ve come to know when we take her to the vet. It didn’t hurt that she had plenty of treats so the vet and her technician won her over easily. They were also both very cognizant of the fact that they were in Lila’s home and they wanted to make sure they weren’t doing anything to make her uncomfortable.

Lila had a good exam and then vaccine updates. You’d never know it even happened. She did a great job as a patient and the team that came out from The Vets kept it simple and quick. Lila even seemed sad when they left.

What we’ve found and what we’ve learned is that The Vets is a great option for diagnostic work, vaccine updates, general exams, etc. We will, of course, maintain our relationships with our neighborhood vets because they have been so great to us, but having The Vets as an option feels pretty great - especially for our nervous little lady.


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