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During the week of October 19-23, we held our first Arts & Crafts Week at Good Dog and the results were adorable and hilarious. As you’ll see for yourself in the pictures below, there’s a good chance we had even more fun with this than the dogs that participated!

Our GM Doug works with Baker to help her create her art piece.

Each dog parent opted to have their dog participate via a sign-up sheet and then the magic happened. Their little paws, medium paws, and even some big paws were dipped into some orange paint (non-toxic and animal-safe) and then stamped onto a custom Paw-kin Patch sheet with their name on it. Of course, some weren’t too excited to be pulled away from their playtime, but it was brief and they were back in the pack quickly. Others though seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to take a break from the pack and have some artistic fun.

We’re really proud of our staff (especially our GM, Doug) for pulling this together and making it happen. We definitely look forward to many more fun activities for our good dogs!

We're always excited when we see things like this: adorable photos our clients posted. Honey Pepper, Rhett Butler, and Summit. Thanks for sharing you good dogs and you good humans!


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