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As the Governor’s Stay At Home Order was extended, several dog daycares petitioned to be deemed essential and were granted permission to open. We, technically, could do so as well, but we’re not. While we’ve addressed this in response to several emails that we’ve received, we thought it would be a good idea to explain our decision here as well.

We don't want to let our clients down, but at the same time, we believe in doing our part to flatten the curve. We don't want to put our clients, our staff, or ourselves at risk. We believe the better approach is to stay home. We realize that we’re not alone in that approach either because with most people staying home and keeping their dog with them, the number of dogs coming into daycare fell drastically in the weeks leading up to the Stay At Home Order. That fact meant that if we were to continue to try to stay open, our business wouldn't survive with such a low number of dogs coming in. The number of dogs translates to our revenue and with a dramatic drop in attendance, we don’t have enough money coming in to cover the cost of payroll, supplies, utilities, rent, and our business loan. Waiting to reopen will position us better to ensure we'll survive as a business when this has all passed and people are reporting back to their offices and bringing their dogs in regularly. In the interim, we do encourage those of you who have to work outside of your home to patronize our competitors. Seattle is full of great facilities and while we don’t want to lose customers, we also want to know that your needs are being met. We know that Woof Play & Stay, Seattle Canine Club, Camp Crockett, and House of Ruff are open - some having limited hours and availability, but they’re all good options. Once all this has passed, we hope to see you and your good dogs at Good Dog.


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