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Updated: Oct 23, 2022

You pay for services when you come to Good Dog, those services include daycare, boarding, baths, and add-ons like potty walks, peanut butter Kongs, group ball play, special events, and photo booths. So, what’s the purpose of additional fees? We thought we should explain why we have to charge fees for some things.

Arthur loves ballplay!
Chloe loves peanut butter!


It’s not uncommon for a dog to come to us and require a pill or two during the day - these are no problem and, of course, we don’t charge for that. However, there are times when a dog requires more than a pill, for example, a shot or several shots over the course of a boarding stay. For medical services like that, we charge a fee for each shot we administer. The reason for this fee is to ensure that the appropriate staff members with the right experience can be on hand to provide the proper care.


Rudy doesn't like to get up too early.

We try to make our hours convenient for our customers. The hours for this business were set long before we took it over. Right after we reopened with limited hours in 2020 after the COVID shutdown, we sent a survey to our customers to make sure that we were on the right track with the hours as they had been for years. What we learned is that our weekday hours met the needs of the vast majority of our customers (6:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.) but we also learned that adjusting our weekend hours would be more helpful, too. So, we changed our Saturday hours and added Sunday hours in response. We’re open on the weekends from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Sometimes, however, the need arises for a customer to drop off their dog before we open. We can accommodate an early drop-off one hour prior to opening, however, at that time of the morning, we only have our overnight staff on hand which is usually one person (depending on the number of boarding dogs) and at that time, they’re feeding the dogs breakfast so having additional staff on hand necessitates an early drop-off fee.


Madoc doesn't like being the last dog in the building.

Much like the early drop-off, by the time we’ve closed, we’re down to our overnight staff, and, again, depending on the number of boarding dogs, this could be one person. Like early drop-off, a late pickup typically requires extra staff on hand. There are two different fee levels for late pick-up. The first hour after closing is one fee and then it increases for the second hour of closing. After that, the dog will have to board for the night because by then, the dogs have all been fed dinner and have settled into Slumberville for quiet time. This is why we require the late fee and restrict pick-up to no more than two hours after closing - there is more wiggle room on this on weekends since we close at 4:00 p.m., though.


Any other fees that come up are fairly standard to most businesses such as returned check charges or even dog food charges if we are required to purchase a specific food for a dog (in the event they run out of food and their owners don’t want them to eat our house food). There will be no surprises though, all our fees are covered on our website including in our menu of services and our Policies and Procedures.

It’s very rare when we have any pushback on these fees and to be honest, we don’t charge for them too often, but offering a better understanding of the need for the fees is important to us. You’ll notice that when you make a reservation in Paw Partner for your dog, you can add an add-on for the standard options like potty walks, but now you can also add on an early drop-off or a late pick-up - please note that when selecting those options, you must send us a message to ensure we can accommodate your request and to ensure our staff is aware of the early drop-off or late pick-up so we can prepare accordingly.


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