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Our dogs are forced to follow strict guidelines for vaccinations in order to come to Good Dog, they’re required to stay up-to-date on their Bordetella, DHPP, and Rabies vaccinations and provide us with their vaccination records which we keep on file at all times. If there are any lapses, their dogs aren’t allowed to come to Good Dog until their vaccinations are updated. We take the health of our pack very seriously and vaccinations are the first line of defense against preventing illnesses. Our next line of defense is a thorough cleaning routine – we take the disinfection and cleaning of our facility very seriously. We thought we’d share an overview of some of our basic practices.


The daily cleaning is continual. There’s a good chance you’ve stopped in during the cleaning process in our lobby. Everything gets wiped down and disinfected daily, the floor gets swept and mopped with disinfectant daily as well. We’re always pleased when people comment that it smells nice - having a nice-smelling dog daycare can be a challenge!

Beyond the lobby, the common areas get a similar treatment while the dog playrooms get a deeper cleaning every day. Of course, throughout the day dog messes are cleaned up as they happen - when you’re an indoor facility, it’s of extreme importance to stay on top of those! Additionally, we don’t want to tempt any of our guests who look at waste as a snack.

Ruby snuggles up to a clean red bowl for a good drink of water.

Fresh water bowls are even more important in working to curb any transmission of illness that can be spread by shared water. We’ve always changed our water bowls regularly and kept them clean and disinfected, but this year, our staff devised a system to help us better track and stay more efficient in our practice. We now use color-coded water bowls and timers to signal when it’s time to swap out the bowls for fresh ones.

Feed kennels and the flag system.

Feeding kennels are also cleaned on a more than daily basis as they are disinfected after each use. An orange flag hanging on a kennel means it’s been disinfected. The same goes for any of the other kennels in the facility that are used by the dogs. While we’re a pack-style facility, some dogs like a kennel (and kennel training is a smart and healthy method to employ with all dogs) so we have them handy for their use whenever they like.

Our dog washing station is also one of those items that are cleaned after each use and disinfected between uses as well so it’s always ready for use. If you’ve ever bathed a dog, you know how messy a dog tub can get!


On a weekly basis, we move beyond the interior of the dog rooms, and the exteriors of our fences get cleaned including the floors of the common areas that don’t get used as frequently. The weekly cleaning tasks also include other areas that don’t see as much action or don’t see dog action at all - like our staff break room, bathrooms, and offices.

The staff loves our newly redone break room.


Our monthly cleaning items are those that need a little extra attention. We like to take the dog tub apart and give it a good deep clean, go over the windows in the warehouse, and other projects like that as they come up.

Braxton appreciates the clean tub more than he does another bath.

Keeping this large facility clean is a big job - as you can imagine, but keeping our dog pack healthy and happy is our top priority so it’s definitely worth it! Of course, we’re also subject to surprise inspections from the health department so we take our license and that responsibility very seriously.


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