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It’s no secret that at Good Dog, we LOVE dogs. All breeds, shapes, ages, colors, coat lengths, and levels of cuddliness as long as they’re well-tempered and can fit in with our pack (though we also love the others, we just can’t have them in the pack), but today we’re celebrating our love of black dogs.

Did you know that oftentimes black dogs are passed over for adoptions because of the stigma that surrounds them (it’s been likened to the stigma of black cats and bad luck)? We were surprised to learn this because they’re not only just as great as any other dog, they’re beautiful creatures.

Some of the benefits of adopting a black dog into your family include the fact that they rarely look dirty because their coats often hide what they get into; they’re beautiful in photographs with their shiny, silky coats; and they look majestic in a wintery scene. And don’t forget, as they age, we can easily see their grey whiskers come in! That said, today we celebrate many of the black dogs in our lives - most of which are Good Dog clients.

Enjoy this beautiful array of black dogs and please be sure to consider a black dog when you’re ready to add a new member to your family. Happy National Black Dog Day!


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