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For the longest time, our most popular add-on has been the potty walk. Some dog parents like their dogs getting out in the neighborhood and sniffing around and we’re always happy to help. Recently we were excited to be able to add baths and nail trims back into the mix and we’re happy to see that so many people have opted to add on these services as well. But, things just got more interesting as we’re adding three new add-ons to our menu of services: playgroup with ball play, peanut butter kong, and the snooze snack.

Little Rick thinks the new add-ons sound better than the baths!


Sometimes dogs need a little extra stimulation. While we encourage group play and work to engage every dog in our care, offering some group ball play can add some great fun and good exercise to a dog’s stay with us. For $7 per dog, we’ll assemble a small group of dogs with similar temperaments and toss a ball around with the group. Each playgroup will last roughly twenty minutes.

Before playgroup - Jack is ready; and, after playgroup - Braxton is wiped out!


Just as you’d imagine, we stuff a couple of tablespoons of dog-safe creamy peanut butter into a kong and let your good dog go at it! It’s a satisfying treat for your dog as well as a soothing activity. The Peanut Butter Kong add-on is $5.

This little nugget loves some peanut butter!


It’s just like the peanut butter kong, but we treat your dog right before bedtime (this add-on is for our boarding dogs). Again, it’s a couple of tablespoons of dog-safe creamy peanut butter in a kong and is the perfect relaxation treat for your dog right before bed. The Snooze Snack is offered at $5.

You’ll be able to include any of our add-ons in the reservation process when booking your reservation on Paw Partner. You're always welcome to add-on at the last minute, too, you'll just need to let our staff know at check-in if you’d like to include any add-ons.


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