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When we purchased this business in 2018, it was located on California Avenue (at Frontenac) and consisted of two buildings and a very different configuration. That configuration included an outdoor space. It seemed like a great set up at the time so we thought that when we were forced to relocate, we would work to find a location with outdoor space. Not only was finding the space enough of a challenge but trying to add outdoor space was nearly impossible.

7001-7003 California Avenue - our original location.


The yard at the California Avenue location.

One area of concern we had about the outdoor space was the reviews we had seen for the business prior to our taking over. There were some negative reviews – most of which were related to the outdoor space. The yard was covered in pea gravel which makes sense for drainage and easy cleanup, but it also presented a problem when you’d have a dog eat it, get it stuck in their fur, and it was hard on their paws. Other complaints all had to do with wet dogs. Yes, we’re in Seattle and it rains a lot here. Maybe not a great deal of heavy downpour, but enough to get the dogs wet. And, try as we might to dry all the dogs before they went home, the complaint of picking up wet dogs was frequent.


From a maintenance standpoint, not having to deal with the yard anymore ended up being a positive for us. The facility is much easier to keep clean without the dogs going in and outside tracking dirt, having to have access points open for the dogs to be able to move freely, and again, not dealing with the wetness has been great.


Our happy dogs in Smallville - a safe, clean environment on Delridge Way.

There was definitely a misconception with the prior location that all the dogs would exit the building and go do their business in the yard. This was, in fact, not the norm. Our staff was always used to cleaning up poop and pee inside the old location.

Unfortunately, the materials used in the old location were not adequate in handling the mess and there was always a strong smell that we couldn’t eliminate. So, having a dog poop and/or pee inside Good Dog isn’t a big deal. Our staff knows that we need to clean it up and disinfect immediately and they’re great at doing so. This is normal for a dog daycare.

Some dog owners have concerns about their dogs not going outside to do their business and are concerned about their dogs adopting that behavior at home. Dogs are smart. They know the difference and pooping and peeing at Good Dog will not translate into pooping and peeing in your home - unless, of course, your dog has a wild party invites their 40 closest friends from daycare over, then, all bets are off!

We also have an add-on for those dogs that absolutely need to go out. We offer potty walks for an additional charge and this gives your dog the opportunity to get outside, sniff around, and do their business.


The Seattle skyline as seen on a drive up I-5 on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

We’re currently experiencing very unhealthy air quality in Seattle as a result of the fires around the state. Not only is it important that we stay indoors, but it’s also important for our dogs as well. When the air quality became dangerous, we started getting phone calls asking if we were open. We absolutely are open during times like this, however, we eliminate potty walks during unhealthy air quality situations because we want our staff and your dogs to stay as safe as possible.

While we understand the appeal of outdoor space, overall, we are pleased with the decision we had to make in choosing our Delridge Way location. Our dogs are dry, safe, and not being exposed to unhealthy air!


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