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We're gearing up to reopen on Wednesday, June 3, and there are several things of which you'll need to be aware of moving forward with Good Dog.

Madoc's ready for her pals to come back to Good Dog!

Temporary Hours When we reopen, we’ll be available for daycare but we’ll have temporary revised hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Boarding We’ll begin boarding again starting July 1 - based on demand. We encourage you to book your reservations for any upcoming trips you're planning sooner than later. Safety Measures Related to COVID-19 Obviously, we take the threat of exposure extremely seriously - that’s why we’ve been closed since March 26 - so as we reopen, we’ll be following some strict guidelines and ask that our customers do as well.

  • Parking lot pick up and drop off - we began this service in March and will be continuing it. Call us when you arrive in our lot and we’ll come out and grab your dog for drop off and call us again when you’re back for pick-up and we’ll bring your dog out.

  • Should you choose to come in, we require that you wear a mask and adhere to the six-foot social distancing rule. We’ll have finger cots available if you need to pay for services and touch the POS system as well as our homemade hand sanitizer. In addition, we’ll be continually sanitizing our lobby and doors throughout the day.

  • If you’d prefer to pay online for services, we’ll be happy to invoice you. You’ll be notified via email and we ask that you remit payment once your email arrives.

Reservation System We’re in the process of migrating to a new and much better software platform which is going to allow us to engage better with you. As part of the new platform, we’re going to be moving to a reservation system meaning that you’ll be required to make reservations for your dog not only for boarding but now for daycare as well. The reservation process is simple and is handled through an app called Paw Partner. Once registered (and once our migration is complete), you’ll be able to not only make reservations but also see how many package days you have as well as follow a unique hashtag for your dog that you can follow and see when we post photos of them right in the app. We’ll try to make our transition to this new system as simple as possible. Working from a reservation system will allow us to staff properly and plan our workweek for our staff. Please download the Paw Partner app and sign up for an account (it’s free, though there’s also a premium version available) so you can easily make reservations at Good Dog for your good dog!

We look forward to seeing your good dogs back at Good Dog in June! Stay safe and stay healthy.


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