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We are sad to announce that effective immediately we are going to be closed on weekends, with our overall attendance numbers being down - especially on Saturdays and Sundays - staying open on weekends is not a sustainable option for us.

Our normal (pre-COVID-19) daily weekday average attendance is 55-60 dogs. Since COVID-19 has advanced and is affecting our community, our numbers have seen a steady decrease. Here are our attendance numbers for the past two weeks:

Good Dog Weekend Closure Sign
You'll find these signs posted at Good Dog.
  • Sunday, March 8th: 14

  • Monday, March 9th: 34

  • Tuesday, March 10th: 35

  • Wednesday, March 11th: 40

  • Thursday, March 12th: 22

  • Friday, March 13th: 49

  • Saturday, March 14th: 15

  • Sunday, March 15th: 11

  • Monday, March 16th: 32

  • Tuesday, March 17th: 32

  • Wednesday, March 18th: 32

  • Thursday, March 19th: 27

  • Friday, March 20th: 21

  • Saturday, March 21st: 1

There have been a couple of spikes in there, of course, but we need to exercise caution moving forward to try to ensure that we’ll be around when this all blows over. We thank all of you for your continued support and, as we’ve noted, the best way to help Good Dog is to keep bringing your dogs in for daycare (if you’re able).

Should there be any additional changes to our hours or days of operation, we’ll announce them here and follow that announcement up with an email to those who’ve opted in to our email broadcasts.


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