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Things at Good Dog are starting to feel more normal, at least our new normal… Adjusted hours, face masks, lots of hand sanitizer, even more disinfecting than before, etc.

Slumberville is ready for some slumbering dogs starting in July!

As we’re getting ready to launch our Boarding service again in July, we want to make sure that we’re clear on how operations will proceed, so please note the following:

1. BOARDING: Beginning in July, we will have staff at Good Dog over the weekend if we have dogs booked for boarding. If there are not boarding dogs, we will not be open.

Rhett Butler snoozes.

2. WEEKEND HOURS: When we do have boarding dogs, we’ll also be open for limited daycare. Daycare hours on the weekends will be 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - reservations are required and with a limited number of daycare openings available, it is important to plan ahead.

3. RECEPTION: The lobby will not be open as we’ll have less staff on hand so you’ll need to ring the doorbell or call for assistance.

4. CLOSURE: Should we have no boarding reservations for the weekend, we will not be open. We’ll make announcements prior to each weekend to let you know if there are daycare openings over the weekend.

Beu loves to come in on the weekends while Dad golfs!

Of course, should you have a weekend daycare appointment booked and availability changes, we’ll communicate with you immediately.

As we’re navigating reservations, we encourage you to book early for both daycare as well as boarding. If you require assistance in getting started with Paw Partner, please let us know, we’re happy to help.


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