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While we think they're quite attractive, these custom Good Dog collars actually serve an important purpose: safety!

As noted in the Policies and Procedures section of our website as well as on the paperwork every dog parent signs when their dog starts at Good Dog, "All dogs MUST be wearing a quick-release collar with a name tag and should be on a leash upon entry. No metal, pinch, chose, beaded, or studded collars are allowed in the daycare, boarding, or any other areas of the facility. House collars are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be returned to Good Dog."

But how is this about safety, you ask? It's simple really, we need to be able to grab each dog by the collar in case of an emergency. While we don't like to discuss such possibilities, we MUST be prepared in case it happens. Should a fire break out in the facility we have to remove all the dogs from the building as quickly and safely as possible. To move quickly, we will grab slip leads and thread them through the collar on each dog, thread the slip leads together, and exit the building with the dogs. This is the main reason your dog is required to wear a collar when they come to daycare or come to board with us.

Your dogs' happiness and safety are our number one priority at Good Dog. If your dog shows up at home with one of our orange collars (oops!), please return it to Good Dog and please remember to have your dog wear their own collar when they come to see us. It's for their safety.


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