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As the vaccine circulates and we begin to figure out how to move forward and get back to "normal", there are big changes afoot for our dogs - especially all of the quarantine puppies that have entered our lives.

Our quarantine puppy Lila wasn't as much help working at the office as it would appear here.

Many companies are determining when they can use their offices again and reduce work from home days and many of those companies are determining whether or not they can be the dog-friendly office environment their employees want.

It might not be feasible for some companies to offer this as a perk, which makes the transition from working from home to working at an office a little more difficult - especially for those dogs that have grown accustomed to spending a lot of time with their humans.

Luckily in Seattle, there are a wealth of businesses to take care of those dogs who aren’t able to go to the office. From dog walkers to dog daycares, we’re all ready, willing, and able to take care of your dogs. That is, after all, what we do, we take care of dogs.

Madoc may try to convince you that she's helpful on the laptop, but the truth is, she just shops and looks at social media.

One thing we’ve learned from the last year is that our dogs - even though they love being by our side - need socialization and stimulation. Daycare is a great outlet to meet those needs. Prior to the pandemic, we found that we had a few customers who worked for companies with offices that were dog-friendly that would still bring their dogs in for a day or two a week. While the office is great - whether it’s a home office or a traditional office - dogs want to see their friends and have some fun.

When the day comes that you’re heading back into an office, even if it’s dog-friendly, we’d encourage you to use daycare for your dog. It’ll keep them happy and help you maintain a more peaceful environment at home!

Look at these work from home companions that were featured last year as well began quarantine and asked our clients to send photos of their dogs to show us what they were up to! In the top row, we have Shadow snoozing on the job, Denny looking defeated by that puzzle, and Roxy enjoying some sun instead of helping out. On the bottom, we see Llandy looking more helpful than the others and Gigi exercising her interior design muscle assisting her designer human.


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