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Dogs are the worst, DO NOT take them to work with you. They should never be allowed in an office and here are five solid reasons why we have taken this stance:

REASON #1: They demand attention and need help taking selfies (you know, because, no thumbs or phones).

Brody at Good Dog
Brody insists on getting your help with a selfie.

REASON #2: They only want to have parties - think of your loss in productivity if you’re constantly attending these dog parties at work!

Maple, Benny, and Molly at Good Dog
Maple, Benny, and Molly just want to party.

REASON #3: They’re so lazy - they take constant naps and when they’re not napping, they’re either thinking about napping or preparing to take another nap.

Oakley naps at Good Dog
Oakley naps.

REASON #4: The can be taskmasters even when you don’t need them to be!

Ellie supervising laundry at Good Dog
Ellie the taskmaster supervises laundry.

REASON #5: They might try to convince you to go on tour with their band.

Xander & Gunther at Good Dog
Xander and Gunther are preparing for their tour.

Kaia & Tully at Good Dog
Kaia & Tully want you to follow their tour, too.

Why would you possibly want a dog in your office? We’re selfish, we want your dog at Good Dog while you’re at work. Our non-scientific studies have shown that aside from the obvious fact that dogs are awesome, they make every day better, reduce your stress level, they make you laugh, they look after you, and they love you.

If your office has a policy that doesn’t allow dogs, let us become your dog’s office - we’ll even throw in a couple of extra days of daycare free if you buy a package (must show proof of your office’s no dog policy and purchase a package for daycare - buy 10 days and we’ll give you two extra for free!). Dogs don’t belong at your office, they belong at Good Dog (remember, we’re selfish).


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